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May 25, 2018

In Pictures: UK Zakat Changing Lives in Syria this Ramadan

“Be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah.” (Quran 2:110)

  • Sometimes Zakat can end up in the wrong hands.
  • Check the advice on our ‘How to Help’ page to ensure you’re giving safely.
  • Photos from Syria Relief show how safe giving is changing lives in Syria this Ramadan.

This Ramadan, like every Ramadan before it and every Ramadan that will come after, Muslims all across the world will be thinking about three key things: 1) Deepening one’s spiritual connection to Allah. 2) People who are less fortunate than them. 3) How they can help these people (if they are in a position to).

For British Muslims, the third point is particularly important. This is evident when you look at the statistics regarding fundraising during the holy month; in 2016, the press reported that British Muslims had given £100 million during Ramadan – that’s a colossal £38 a second. According to the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF), the figures are similar each year.

However, some concerns have been raised over the years about where this money goes. Whilst the intention is always for the money to go to just causes (helping displaced refugees or people who have found themselves living in a warzone, for instance) it is possible that it could end up in the wrong hands.

Thankfully, however, there are plenty of ways to check that your generosity is benefiting society as you intend it to. Head to our ‘How to Help’ page, it outlines five simple steps – including ‘check the charity register’ – which you can use to make sure that the charity you want to donate to is a genuine one. It’s vital that you follow these steps to ensure that your chosen charity is legitimate.

Safe giving is something we’re passionate about here at Syria Counts, not least because of our partnership with Syria Relief. Their commitment to alleviating the Syrian humanitarian crisis continues to astound and inspire us every day. These photos below provide a small insight into the support they provide Syrian civilians and refugees.

Aid workers working long hours to prepare food for families across Syria.

Displaced children receiving an iftar parcel.

Girls helping to prepare for iftar by collecting bread from the Syria Relief bakery programme.

Syria Relief aid workers delivering hot iftar meals to families living in shelters.

Children of displaced communities carrying their iftar meals.

Aid workers rehousing displaced families and providing them with tents and mattresses. 

Please give your Zakat safely this Ramadan – you really will change the lives of people in Syria.

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