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February 1, 2019

A Syrian Refugee Is Giving Free Falafel To Federal Workers During The US Government Shutdown

A Syrian refugee in Tennessee is helping federal workers affected by the government shutdown by offering them free food at his restaurant.

Yassin Terou, owner of Yassin’s Falafel House in Knoxville, said he wanted to help the people in his community who had missed pay checks or were furloughed.

Terou, who emigrated from Syria in 2011, told ABC, “these guys are our brothers and sisters, and they already did the work, and they aren’t getting paid.

“For someone like me who is living the American dream in the American land….I believe every hard worker should reach his goal and have a good level of life.”

Terou made the announcement through the Falafel House’s Facebook page:

Government shutdown reach the longest record in the American history and this post not to discuss who is doing the…

Posted by Yassin's Falafel House on Saturday, January 12, 2019

While we presume the reaction in Knoxville was good, we know for certain the response to the post online was positively gleaming. One woman even wrote:

“A better American than most Americans. You are what we all should strive to be. LOVE Thank you.” Another added:

“You are wonderful! I am not personally affected but I am impressed by the people like you who are reaching out and offering to help out. This is America, and this is what we do, be there to support each other in difficult times. Thank You.”

It’s hard not to agree with the sentiment. Through his kind act, Yassin has shown a generosity of spirit and openness that seems to have been in short supply during this much publicised shutdown.

From a more practical standpoint, he’s yet another example of an immigrant who’s arrived in a new country and opened a successful business; one that doesn’t just serve Americans, but supports them in tough times.

The US government shutdown, which began on 22 December 2018, ended on 25 January of this year, making it the longest federal shutdown in United States history.

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