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January 9, 2019

How “Presents for Syria” is bringing a smile to children this winter

The charity The Jasmine Aid has launched this year’s “Presents for Syria” initiative with the aim of helping Syrian refugees in need. It is giving people the opportunity to donate money towards boxes of gifts which will be given to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

This year their focus is on the area of Bekaa valley, where there are settlements with large refugee populations struggling to get by. Many of these families are living in tents or unfurnished building in freezing cold temperatures. They are living in extremely difficult conditions and have little of the luxuries that we are accustomed to in our daily lives.

The charity, which was founded by Roisin Blake and Victor Larmaque, was created after the co-founders spent time living in Syria. This is the third year that “Presents for Syria” has brought gifts to refugee children who are in challenging conditions in Lebanon and Jordan, having previously distributed them to the Bekaa valley (2016) and Amman (2017). They hope to reach a total of 455 Syrian refugee children with gifts this year.

Included in every single “Presents for Syria” box comes with a set of warm clothes, soap, towels, shampoo and a toothbrush with toothpaste included. However, these items are not the only things missing in these children lives, they are also missing fun. That’s why “Presents for Syria” are asking people to pay for boxes which are personalized for the children who will be gifted them.

These boxes are based around specific themed interests. Examples of these interests are Sports (including a football, skipping rope and a stop watch), Pre-School (including play dough, a cuddly toy and a puzzle) and Arts (including crayons, a coloring book, watercolor paints and finger puppets).

The money for the boxes is then sent to a local educational initiative Haroof who, having assessed the needs of the children, source the items and distribute the boxes to those in need.

It is rare to find a charity like “Presents in Syria” where those who donate can see exactly where the money is spent. In general, it is always important to check out charities before donating, especially online, and one way of doing this is by verifying them on this list of charities. More advice on safe giving can be found on the website.

To learn more about “Presents for Syria” or to choose the gift you would like to donate to a Syrian child by clicking here.



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