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Giving voice to inspirational stories of survival and recovery in Syria.

Our Stories

Brave, resilient and determined. These are the personal stories of Syrians who have refused to let years of civil war break their spirit.

Oct 11 2017
'Why Investing in Mental Wellbeing is Fundamental for Syria’s Future'
Sep 21 2017
'These images of Raqqa tell a story of suffering, extremism and a complex battle between multiple groups'
Aug 16 2017
'Requiem for Aleppo: giving a voice to the suffering in Syria'
Aug 11 2017
'The Central European University is collaborating with Aleppo’s residents to reconstruct the city'
Aug 04 2017
'Why the recruitment of Syrian children is a continuing threat'
Aug 02 2017
'Aid reaches Al-Nashabiyeh for the first time in 5 years: a symbol of hope for Eastern Ghouta and other besieged areas'
Jul 27 2017
'Reaching for the Sky: Meet the Man Rebuilding Aleppo’s Grand Mosque Minaret'
Jul 19 2017
'Meet the inspiring woman who is battling extremist factions to keep education alive in Syria'
Jul 17 2017
'Building Peace: Britain Backs Sanctions Against Syrian Chemical Weapon Chiefs'
Jul 12 2017
'Renewed hope as Britain trains refugees to rebuild Syria'
Jul 07 2017
'The Tragedy of Trauma: We Must Help Young Minds to Recover'
Jul 04 2017
'Driving Out Daesh: How Can We Help Rebuild Raqqa For Syrian Families?'