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Giving voice to inspirational stories of survival and recovery in Syria.

Our Stories

Brave, resilient and determined. These are the personal stories of Syrians who have refused to let years of civil war break their spirit.

May 11 2017
'It’s Mental Health Awareness Week – a Time to Reflect on the Millions of Traumatised Syrian Children'
May 04 2017
'The Real Refugees: How Children are Learning about the Plight of Young Syrians'
Apr 27 2017
'We Must Engage Women’s Leadership to Build Peace in Syria'
Apr 21 2017
'Syrian Refugees Targeted: We Must Support Charities Providing Aid'
Apr 16 2017
'At Easter, Let’s Join Syrians in Hope for Peace and Renewal'
Apr 11 2017
'The Inspirational Britons Raising Money for Syria Relief'
Apr 10 2017
'Syria Chemical Attack: We Must Support Charities Providing Life Saving Aid in the Hard Hit Idlib Province'
Mar 22 2017
'Healthcare in Syria is in Dire Need of Help'
Mar 22 2017
'Syrian Orphans Need Urgent Help: Supporting UK Charities Ensures This Can Happen'
Mar 22 2017
'Back to School, A Return to Learning: Ruba and Siba’s Story'
Mar 22 2017
'Children Under Siege: We Must Support Charities in Syria'
Mar 22 2017
'UK Charity Projects Changing Syrian Lives'