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Giving voice to inspirational stories of survival and recovery in Syria.

Our Stories

Brave, resilient and determined. These are the personal stories of Syrians who have refused to let years of civil war break their spirit.

Jan 24 2019
'International Day Of Education: The Importance Of Schooling In Syria'
Jan 22 2019
'In Wake Of Heavy Winter Storms, UNICEF Is Working Hard To Protect Refugee Children'
Jan 18 2019
'After Arriving in Wiltshire Three Years Ago, Syrian Refugees Have Thrived'
Jan 16 2019
'Eid Aljazairili: The Syrian Refugee Dreaming Of Swimming In The Olympics'
Jan 10 2019
'Gherbtna: The App Helping Syrian Refugees Settle Into New Lives In Turkey'
Jan 09 2019
'How “Presents for Syria” is bringing a smile to children this winter'
Dec 19 2018
'Charity Commission Alert Reminds us of the Importance of Safe Giving'
Dec 17 2018
'Maya Ghazal: Refugee, TEDx Speaker and Future Pilot'
Dec 14 2018
'Durham Refugee Musical Group Plan UK Tour'
Dec 06 2018
'After Escaping The War, Syrian Chef Rahaf Alakbani Is Sending Meals To People Back Home'
Nov 30 2018
'Choose Love: The Pop-Up Store Where Shoppers Buy Gifts For Refugees'
Nov 27 2018
'Interfaith Partnerships are Helping Displaced Syrians This Winter'