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Giving voice to inspirational stories of survival and recovery in Syria.

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Brave, resilient and determined. These are the personal stories of Syrians who have refused to let years of civil war break their spirit.

Jul 10 2018
'Syrian Refugee Girl Born Without Legs Will Undergo Surgery To Help Her Walk Again'
Jun 29 2018
'What’s Currently Happening in Syria?'
Jun 27 2018
'A Charity is Screening World Cup Matches for Displaced Syrians'
Jun 22 2018
'The Big Aid Convoy: This Oxford Mosque Fed Syrian Refugees'
Jun 01 2018
'Breaking Down Stereotypes Through the Medium of Laughter'
May 25 2018
'In Pictures: UK Zakat Changing Lives in Syria this Ramadan'
May 25 2018
'Three Top Apps That Are Helping Syrian Refugees'
May 16 2018
'Can Syria’s Once-Booming Tech Sector Be Re-Ignited?'
May 16 2018
'What Happens If You Try and Flex Your Human Rights in an Undemocratic Society?'
May 11 2018
'This Radio Station is Helping Syrian Child Refugees Get a Sound Night Sleep'
May 08 2018
'WATCH: One Picture Turned This Syrian Refugee’s Life Around'
Cat Man of Aleppo
May 04 2018
'Why We Fell in Love with ‘The Cat Man of Aleppo’'