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Giving voice to inspirational stories of survival and recovery in Syria.

Our Stories

Brave, resilient and determined. These are the personal stories of Syrians who have refused to let years of civil war break their spirit.

Dec 06 2018
'After Escaping The War, Syrian Chef Rahaf Alakbani Is Sending Meals To People Back Home'
Nov 30 2018
'Choose Love: The Pop-Up Store Where Shoppers Buy Gifts For Refugees'
Nov 27 2018
'Interfaith Partnerships are Helping Displaced Syrians This Winter'
Nov 22 2018
'This Artist Sculpts in Celebration of Syria'
Nov 19 2018
'This Syrian Student Beat the Odds to Win a Place at Cambridge'
Nov 15 2018
'Top Syrian Security Chiefs Targeted With International Arrest Warrants'
Nov 14 2018
'These volunteers have helped save thousands of refugees'
Nov 07 2018
'British Schools Extend the Welcome to Refugees'
Nov 06 2018
'This UK NGO Has an Innovative Approach to Resettling Refugees'
Nov 01 2018
'Singing and Sanctuary: Music Events Mark A Proud History'
Oct 30 2018
'UN Request for Rukban Aid Delivery Finally Granted'
Oct 22 2018
'Meet the Man Teaching Syria’s Lost Generation'